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It is, practical mainly match moderate detection requirement places such as night-clubs or entertainment location, security locations, factories, stadiums, etc. With body height detection design and built-in electromagnetic fields, metal items carried by human can be generated through the alarm device, items like various control tools, weapons, metal products, electronic products and other items containing metal and so on. As an anti-theft examination an effective tool. So we offers Metal Detector system, Door Frame Detector system, door frame metal detector system.

Refilling of Fire Safety Equipment

Once a fire extinguisher has been used (no matter how small the amount) it is important to have it recharged right away in order to keep it operational at all times and avoid potential tragedy. It is also necessary to recharge fire extinguishers during routine inspections, which may involve expelling the agent to check the proper discharging mechanisms and pressure gauge readings.

 Any necessary repairs should be handled immediately, and the extinguisher recharged, ready for use. You will need to recharge the fire extinguishers during your annual (or more frequent) maintenance schedule. Follow the recommendations and directions on the manufacturer label. Do not skip this step. It is important to the operation of the unit, as well as to the effectiveness of the agent inside.

Fire extinguishers need to be completely discharged, cleaned, inspected and recharged after every use and on a regular basis. Learning how to recharge fire extinguishers is an important lesson to learn. Stay safe with effective, well maintained fire extinguishers.

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