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Headstone has launched its new non radiation BagScan4 as a green alternative to common radiating x-ray baggage scanners. We have designed BagScan owing to the fact that in most applications x-ray scanners are technical overkill and many operators’ are unable to interpret x-ray images properly. No wonder, a radiologist has to study several years above his medical degree, what can be expected from an operator attending a one or two days training course?

 What for is a scanner needed anyway?

 A security access points is usually fitted with a walk through metal detector in order to detect metals, mainly guns and weapons on people passing through a detector gate. But most people carry lots of metal which are not dangerous but need to be excluded from the probe. The easiest way is to provide a place to drop such metal content and screen it manually. It’s a time consuming, indiscreet and unsafe process and performance is depending on of the security officer on duty. A more discreet and comfortable solution is an x-ray scanner who has advantages and disadvantages as described below, and also need an operator. The all new and inexpensive alternative is BagScan, suitable to replace x-ray scanners in many applications.

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