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Business Security and Technology Services


Headstone Security offers a wide range of innovative and cost-effective business security systems for businesses of all sizes. By combining our law enforcement training and security expertise with state-of-the-art security technology, we can provide our customers with the highest level of protection for the lowest possible cost. The management team has years of law enforcement training and experience, which benefits our business security customers by having a team of true security experts focused on protecting their property and assets at all times.  By utilizing the latest in business security system technologies, our clients have seen a 98% reduction in theft and vandalism at their locations. From burglar alarms to complete video surveillance systems, Headstone is dedicated to providing our customers with a wide range of business security systems that match their unique needs. Specifically, HSCL offers the following business security systems and services:

Wireless Burglar Alarms: Headstone offers commercial clients the most advanced business security alarm systems available. HSCL Snitch Security System is an unbeatable state-of-the-art wireless burglar alarm system supported by a 24/7 monitoring service and alarm response team that's linked directly to local law enforcement agencies. Designed to solve the unique security problems plaguing the commercial real estate industry, "The Snitch" can protect anything, anywhere, anytime. The Snitch is a fully customizable wireless burglar alarm that uses advanced cellular technology and long-range wireless sensors to constantly secure the inside, outside, and roof tops of buildings, offices and construction sites, ensuring that a breach never occurs.

Hardwired Burglar Alarms: Headstone hardwired business security alarms are another option when addressing potential theft, vandalism and trespassing from occurring at your business. With these business security alarm systems in place, Headstone is able to provide rapid response and loss prevention solutions to help protect your business and your future.

CCTV & Video Surveillance System: Headstone Security is the  Nigeria’s leading provider of CCTV monitoring services, with a national workforce of highly trained and fully licensed Operators engaged on contracts designed to ensure the protection of city centers, shopping malls and high risk premises that are particularly vulnerable during the silent hours. Our CCTV monitoring services are also being used increasingly by local authorities for the enforcement. Operators/Supervisors can call the Security Control Room Centre staff for assistance or advice at any time during the day or night and, more importantly, every Operator makes routine check calls to the Control Centre. If one of these calls is not made, or is made under duress, strict procedures are in place to facilitate swift emergency action.

CCTV Systems: They can provide you, your staff, students, patients and your visitors with peace of mind. CCTV systems have an excellent record in deterring crime, In the event of an incident you can have a high quality record of what has happened to show to your colleagues, staff or the Police. In recent years, the technology has advanced significantly and systems are now cheaper to install, easier to use and require less maintenance than before. Whether you are a homeowner, a small business, or a larger organization, we can supply and reliably install a CCTV system to suit your requirements

Recording & Storage: There are a wide range of options for storing and recording images. The latest advanced digital CCTV technology can record constantly without the need for tapes, allowing you to instantly retrieve and store images that never deteriorate.

Remote Monitoring: Your CCTV system can be linked to our 24hr support Centre and an operator can instantly review what is happening and decide what action to take.

Access Control Systems: Access Control covers a wide range of options that go beyond securing your premises. We are completely independent which means that when it comes to recommending equipment, we only recommend the best solution choosing from a range of manufacturers and products. Our criteria are simple and open: what’s best to protect you, your people and your premises is what we will specify and install such as:

Barriers, Visitor Control and Management, Restricting Access for staff, visitors, contractors and patients, Time and Attendance Monitoring, CCTV Systems, Cameras, Recording & Storage, Remote Monitoring and Servicing & Maintenance. Headstone utilizes industry-leading access control systems that give your business the control and the information necessary to run more efficiently while providing a safe work environment for your employees. At HSCL your security is our passion. Whether you need a business security system for a small business, large enterprise company or a public sector organization.

Headstone Security offers the best team of security specialists and leading-edge technologies to solve your security challenges, no matter what they may be headstone Security are also trained and equipped to perform key security functions including.

Gate operation and access control, Verification of identity, Anti-sabotage checks and vehicle inspection, Security of materials and movement control, Estate Security, Service and Maintenance, Physical Security Enhancement (such as Gate, Motorized gate, grilles).

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